Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ATX Hackerspace located?
We’re located at 9701 Dessau Road, Suite #304, Austin, Texas 78757


What are you hours of operation?
Our current hours are 6am – midnight every day of the week. We were previously open 24/7, but since COVID we have been closing the space for several hours each evening/morning for infection control purposes.


How much does a membership cost?
A Regular Membership is $75/month, or $750/year. A limited number of reduced rate memberships are available for full time students and those unable to afford the regular membership fee (“Starving Hacker Membership”).


How do I pay for a membership?
We use Neon, a membership management and billing platform. Neon accepts all major credit cards and ACH (e-check) payments in US Dollars. Unfortunately we’re unable to accept paper checks, cash, bitcoin, gold bullion or vintage vinyl. For members who prefer to use cash, we recommend using a Visa gift card.


Do you offer family memberships?
Yep! A family membership is $75/month for the first member and $40/mo for each additional member of the household who wishes to join.


Do I have to sign a long term contract? What’s the cancellation policy?
We don’t require contracts. Memberships are billed every 30 days and members are free to cancel anytime. Our most common membership is $75/month. We don’t prorate early cancellations; stated differently, 30 days is the shortest membership term we currently offer. We’d love to have you as a member – click here to get started.


My teenager wants to join and use the workshop – is this allowed?
<teenager information here>


I’d like to visit the space and see about joining? Is that possible?
Normally this would be entirely possible, but COVID has forced us to make several significant changes. Unfortunately, only members are allowed in the space, but we have a video here that provides a tour of the space.


What basic safety measures are required to use tools and machines at ATXHS?
We offer classes on everything from basic woodworking tools to laser cutting. If you are unfamiliar with certain tools, please take a class! Some of our machines require a class, even if you have prior experience.


Is there a paid staff that helps with shop maintenance and cleaning?
No! But great question. We’re a 100% volunteer-run, volunteer-managed, volunteer-everything’d organization. We expect members to clean up 110% after each work session. That means clean up your worktable or work area and then do a few minutes more to keep the shop spaces clean and safe. Working in a community shop space is full of great benefits – good project advice and free how-to’s are just a few – but it also requires planning ahead for things like cleanup. Please budget 15 minutes for cleanup because, unlike your garage or home shop, you can’t just turn off the light and walk out.


How is ATXHS responding to COVID?
Safety has always been our first priority — even pre-COVID — and that hasn’t changed. We’ve spent considerable time designing new workflows to minimize COVID-related risks while still allowing members to access the space and tools. A few of the COVID-related changes include sanitization procedures before and after working in the space, a cloud-based scheduling system in order to limit occupancy to a safe number of members, a face covering requirement, and more. Our response to COVID is continually evolving and documented in-depth here.


What is required of members and visitors with respect to COVID?
We require all members to schedule their visit in advance using our online scheduling software — even if only 5 minutes in advance — so that the workshop doesn’t have more occupants than can safely socially distance. All occupants must wear a face covering at all times. Equipment, work areas, and any surfaces touched must be sanitized before and after working.


Some of the equipment is new to me – do you provide training?
Yes! We provide classes on everything from CNC routers to welding, woodworking and more. An electronic class scheduling system is in the works.


I’m familiar with most of the equipment – do I have to pay to take a class before I can start using the machines?
Some of our machines are open for use provided that new members have prior experience and can safely operate the machine. However, most of our machines require a training class to ensure member safety and proper tool care.  Members with experience on machines that require training classes can request to forego training classes and instead be cleared by a designated instructor. Contact our Director of Facilities for more information.


What machines and tools exist at ATXHS?
Check out our tool list. It’s not comprehensive, but it’ll give you a good sense of what equipment we have.


I have a tool / machine that I’d like to long-term-lend, or donate, to ATXHS – is this possible?
Thank you for thinking of ATXHS! Please contact our Director of Facilities to discuss.


I have a big project in mind! Do you offer storage while I’m working on my project?
We love big projects, but as a community space, storage is limited. Generally speaking, anything that can’t fit in the banker’s box needs to leave with you each day. We make exceptions to this — glue-ups, paint drying, etc. If you have a big project in mind, please contact our Facilities Director before you start your project to ensure that it’s something we can accommodate. 


Are there any projects or other activities that are not permitted at ATXHS?
Open flames are not permitted. Creating or repairing firearms is not permitted. Using dangerous chemicals or processes without the ability to protect others is not permitted. Remember: we’re a community space, so please plan accordingly!


Do you have a question that we haven’t covered here? 
Email our Membership Crew and we’ll be in touch.



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